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Your Local
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Covering West Essex

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A side-by-side comparison of the demand for properties in Alexandra Park, Bounds Green, Crouch End, Highgate, East Finchley and Muswell Hill in October and November 2015. 

Unsuprisingly, there is a decline in the number of searches in each area given that we are heading in to the winter slow-down. 

Expect to see the number of searches jump in January as more people restart their property search and more properties come to the market. 


How buyers enter your property and subsequently every room in your house is indicative as to what is behind each and every door. The front door especially, sets the tone for the rest of the viewing.  


Allow your home to make a positive statement in the mind of the buyer from the get go by making a great first impression as they walk up to your front door. 

Something as simple as;

  • a fresh coat of paint
  • fix/replace any broken window panes
  • clean the UVPC to brighten it up
  • ensure the handles are fixed on properly and can be easily opened
  • the door open/closes correctly and without squeaking
  • door knockers / door bells are functioning (otherwise how will you know they are there?!
  • letterboxes should be clean and fixed corrently

Especially if you have the benefit of a porch, you add a few easy to maintain pot plants or hanging baskets, if you are short on space to liven things up and add a bit of colour.

Internals Doors

  • Should all have functioning door handles on them
  • Be unobstructed in their full opening and closing
  • Swing freely ie. not stopped by carpets
  • Look fresh! be it paint or a fresh layer of varnish or polish
  • Ideally all internal doors should match, as if they were part of a set

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Kind regards, 



As your buyer walks through your front door in to your hallway, how your property smells will be amongst the first things they will take note of. It is important to get it right. 
  1. Open windows before viewings in all rooms to circulate fresh air. This is one of the simplest things to do. Remember that you are used to the smell of your home, but your buyers aren't.
  2. Restrict the animals to just one area, then all you have to do is deep clean that one space and you are not fighting a loosing battle. Sadly, not all buyers love animals as much as you might do.
  3. Avoid preparation of strong smelling foods that might linger. 
  4. Wheelie bins; move them away from doors and windows, especially the front door if possible. Not only does it mean they're not visible upon entry, it should keep the smells out too. 
  5. Freshen your carpets and rugs with 'Shake & Vac', it leaves them clean and smelling nice. Carpet cleaners are especially useful for lingering smells and stains that might need a little more attention.
  6. Check your fridge for out of date, smelly items at the bottom of the vegetable drawer. 
  7. Freshly washed laundry generally smells nice, you can't really go wrong here. 
  8. Cut grass in the Summer months is often quoted as a favourable smell within a property.
If in doubt, ask a friend, neighbour or your estate agent for their honest opinion and how they might counteract the smells. 
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All the best, 
Christopher Jones
Managing Director
Lyttons Estate Agents

upward house price trend



Halifax has revealed that during the three months to October, house prices were 9.7% higher than in the same period last year - higher than September's 8.6%, and the highest since August 2014.

Average House Prices were 2.8% higher than in the previous three months, slightly above the average of 2.5% seen in 2015.

House prices continue to increase, 9.7% on an annual basis according to HalifaxOn a monthly basis, house prices rose by 1.1% between September and October, following last month’s 0.9% decrease.

Property transactions increased by 1% between August and September, to 106,030 - the second successive monthly rise. Sales in the three months to September were 4.4% higher than in the preceding three months.


Mortgage approvals are also continuing an upward trend, despite falling in September. The volume of mortgage approvals for house purchases increased by 4% between 

Q2 and Q3 despite a 2.5% decline in September. Approvals in the three months to September were 10% higher than in the same three months last year.

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